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  • Every Day at 3:30pm
  • Meeting point- Oberai Grand Hotel Entrance
  • Duration- 2 hours

Princep Ghat was Built during the colonial era, It is one of Kolkata’s oldest recreational spots.It is located along the banks of the Hooghly, the ghat is surrounded by greenery and overlooks the Vidyasagar Setu. A popular shooting location for Bollywood movies. Locals and tourists from other parts of the nation visit this place to spend quality time. View of the Hooghly River right next to it adds uniqueness and immense beauty.

Ferry ride on Hoogly river is the best way to see Ganges. The Ganges River is the second largest river on the Indian subcontinent.Experiencing the spiritual atmosphere of Ganges River during the ride is an feeling one can never forget.

Millenium Park is situated on the land of Kolkata Port Trust and was developed with the intention of adding glamour to the “City of Joy.” The Park also provides a glimpse of the Howrah Bridge and as well as Vidyasagar setu bridge.

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